We have the pleasure to present you our web site for Turkey. We have been serving the numerous visitors all over the world since 1963.  Transbalkan, one of the most experienced and reputable companies is differentiated with her personalized touch and the quality service. Based in Istanbul and have a liaison in Ephesus. A specialist in Turkey on Shore Excursions, Private and Group Tours, Biblical Tours, Study Tours...

There are many reasons why you may like to select Turkey as a destination.  Turkey is a country where history and culture blends into nature harmoniously.
A few of the treasures Turkey offers to visitors are:
* The Homeric Troy is in Turkey as well Mount Ararat is.
* St. Paul was born and had his missionary journeys in Turkey.
* St. Jean and St. Philip have their tombs here in these lands whereas Virgin Mary has spent her last days in Ephesus.
* Alexander the Great marched through Asia Minor for his victories against Persians.
* Turkey houses two of the Seven Wonders of the ancient world, the Seven Churches of Apocalypse and the Grotto of Seven Sleepers.
* The sufist Whirling Dervishes rooted from middle Anatolia.
* King Midas, King Croesus, St. Nicholas, Diogenes the philosopher, Herodotus the historian and many other prominent names of ancient times had lived in or set foot Turkey.

What a choice for one to consider in following the footsteps when visiting Turkey.  Turkey is rich in historical, cultural and natural resources offering vast opportunities of leisure and travel.  As well Turkey is a shopping paradise.

In the following pages you will find description of our services, itineraries, tour programs and many more. There are infinite array of tours for every taste and choice.  Transbalkan will be pleased to receive inquiries for tailor made programs and certainly you will be assisted in the most efficient style.

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