A splendid city adorned with unique palaces, churches, mosques, museums, is the Gateway to two continents.  Bosphorus strait had witnessed the passage of many historical figures, so many trade ships have anchored in Golden Horn where the shores are adorned with greenery, historical palaces, churches, mosques. Istanbul is the cultural center of the country. As one starts from the center of the world "The Hippodrome" can enjoy Hagia Sophia, the church of all times, Topkapi Palace named as the Grand Seraglio by westerners, the Blue Mosque, Mosque of Suleiman the Magnificent, Grand Bazaar all worldwide known attractions not forgetting the many other palaces and museums which are encircled by the Byzantine Walls.

Capital of Turkey in middle Anatolia converted into a modem city from a small town by Kemal Ataturk The most important sights are the Mausoleum of Ataturk and the Anatolian Civilizations Museum, the latter indispensable for an overview of the rich Anatolian history and culture.

The hometown of Homer is founded by an Amazon Queen, Smyrna.  Situated around a natural port, Izmir is one of the Seven Churches of Asia Minor.  The city is gate to the other six churches of Revelation and many other classical sites in western Anatolia.

The city of the Goddess of Love, Aphrodisias is one of the exciting archaeological finds of our time.  Aphrodisias center of art, science, sculpture and festivals houses very well preserved ruins among which theater, stadium, baths are only a few to mention.  Sculpture masterpieces are displayed at the local museum.

Hierapolis has developed into a leading spa during the Roman times with hot springs creating brilliant white terraces.  Wealthy patients account for the numerous antique tombs.  Roman columns are submerged in some of the pools originally where ancient Romans bathed.



Konya was the capital city of Seljuk Turks.  Everything is overshadowed in this majestic city of Islam by the Monastery of the Whirling Dervishes,the Disciplines of Mevlana a poet, scholar and philosopher.  St. Paul had preached here.

The birthplace of western philosophy and science.  Miletus was famous for her philosophers Anaximenes, Hippodomos, Thales.

Didyma, an oracular center and soothsaying of Ionia was connected to Miletus by a sacred road.  Alexander the Great on his march cast helped to the construction of the magnificent Apollo Temple which greeted the sailors in the ancient times.

Priene is the best example of city planning of antiquity.  The cozy theatre, the temple of Athena, city walls are all located on hill ten-aces.  Priene was the leader of Pan Ionia against the Persian invasion.

The high citadel on the western region with Hellenistic remains.  The Parchment,paper of Pergamum was invented here.  The famous library of Pergamum was gifted to Cleopatra by Mark Antony.In the Revelation the city is called as the "place where Satan's throne is" because of Zeus Altar.  Pergamum was a spa center with an important hospital dedicated to god Asclepius.

Situated on a cliff promontory is a prime resort along the Mediterrancan.The Turquoise Coast is studded with the ruins of Greek and Roman ancient towns as Termessus, Side, Perge, Aspendos and many other ancient cities.

Mount Nemrud


Mt. Nemrud is one of the mostqqtounding wonders of Turkey.  King Antiochus, the ruler of Commegenes Kingdom commemorated his reign by a high sepulchral mound at the peak surrounded by gigantic statues of the Olympian Gods.

An Urartian fortress, served as capital for the same Kingdom along the shores of Lake Van.  The churches and rocktombs in the old town pale as one visits the church on the Aktamar Island.

Mount Ararat
Mt.Ararat is widely believed to be the summit where Noah rested and anchored his Arch in the east of Turkey.  A stupendous sight and most difficult to ascend with snowcovered peak.

Ancient Trapezos named after the table shaped headland when Xenephon and his retreating troops of Ten Thousands reached the Black Sea from an eastern campaign.  The Church of Hagia Sophia below the citadel houses lovely frescoes The most attractive monument is the Monastery of the Virgin built on the face of a sheer cliff on the green Pontic range.



Cappadocia, the land of beautiful scene presents a lunar landscape with rock cones clusters of fantastically shaped valleys Manmade dwellings, monastic grottos churches carved out of tufa were used by early Christian refugees.  St. George was native of Cappadocia.  Underground cities with numerous levels and Byzantine fresc painted churches display the human ingenuity over nature.



A complete ancient city in intact form as if the life is still going on today.  A one prosperous capital of the Roman province in Asia Minor is proud to posses the Artemis Temple, to welcome St.Paul. St. John accompanied Virgin Mary on her voyage to Ephesus where both spent the last days of their lives.  Ephesus is one of the Seven Churches of Revelation and housed the Third Ecumenical Council.



Troy fortress has stood guard over Dardenelles since time immemorial.  Achilles has set foot on Troy to recapture Helena who fled away with Paris.  Homeric Illiad depicts the legendary Priam's city so well that it was unearthed by Schliemann by end of 19th century.

Croesus, the wealthiest ruler of antiquity had chosen Sardis as the capital where gold refineries could still be traced.  The starting point of the Royal Road to east, Sardis was an important trade center with Temple of Artemis.  A synagogue, baths,shops all can be visited today.

Hittite Sites
Hattusas the capital of a mighty empire, the Hittites originally recorded in the Biblical sources.  Hattusas commands to the fertile Anatolian plain from the dp of a mountain.  The city is connected to the open air sanctuary Yazilikaya with hieroglyph inscriptions and reliefs of the many Hittite gods and goddesses.  Another important site is Alacahoyuk,must have predated Hattusas as a Hittite capital with royal remnants of early settlers of Anatolia.

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