Transbalkan Travel Service has been in service to numerous cruise lines, organizations, tour operators, companies, universities, limousine companies, world famous people... Below please find some of the world known names that Transbalkan provided services to:

Organizations :
Smithsonian Journeys
Archaeological Institute of America
United Bible Societies
American Museum of Natural History
National Geographic Expeditions
Chief Executives Organization

Tour Operators/Round Trips :
Peck Judah Travel Service
Wonders - The Memphis Intl. Cultural Series
Wilderness Travel
Heritage Bulbs
Travel with TLC...a division of The Travel Group
Vista Travel - NY, USA
ProTravel International

Universities :
Duke University
University of Calgary
Pepperdine University
University of Northern California
University of Southern California
Mills College
Mackillop College
University of Pitsburgh - Semester at Sea

Museums :
Denver Museum of Natural History
The Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago
Art Museum of San Fracisco

Alumni Associations :
Harvard Alumni Association
Yale Alumni Association
Stanford Alumni Association

Companies/Incentives :
Montgomery Mutual
TC Communications
Menzies Aviation
Allied Dunbar Insurance
Philip Morris
National Trust
Wellness Health Products
Isuzu Trucks USA
California Tan

Limousine/Chauffeur Companies :
Top-Alliance Limousine & Aircraft Service
Reliance Chauffeur Drive Ltd.
FlightLink International Chauffeur Services
ELS International Limousine Corp.
Ivy Limousine
Communicor Ltd.
Transunix Worldwide Chauffeured Services
Fortis Riders

Cruise Lines :
Crystal Cruises
Seabourn Cruise Line
Seadream Yacht Club
Cunard Lines
Royal Viking Cruise Line
Residensea - The World

Tour Operators/Shore Excursions :
Kloster Cruise Travel
Travels with Friends
American Express Mariner Club
Golden Bear Travel
Bridge Holidays
Ensemble Travellers
Shore Trips
Port Trips
AAA Diamond Vacations
Best of Europe

Companies/Transportation Services :
Paragon - Conference Meeting Experts
Mundipharma Ireland
CCIS Event
Creative Destinations Europe Inc.
Eurosport - WTCC
Cisco Systems - UK
Aegon NV
Agusta Westland
Texas Pacific Group
International Aeronautics Group Limited
Barclays Capital
Mondial Assistance (Amex Platinum Card Assist)
Texas Pacific Group
Merill Lynch
JP Morgan
Pratt & Whitney

To see the unbiased comments of our partners and guests about ourselves please click the following links:

Pam Connover - President & Chief Operating Officer of Seabourn/Cunard Line

Michelle Desreux - Senior Vice President, Global Operations of Uniglobe Group

Larry Pimental - CTC of Seabourn Cruise Line

Patricia Sherban - Kloster Cruise Travel

Robert Blackburn - Manager Shore Programs of Royal Viking Line (1977)

Robert Blackburn - Manager Shore Programs of Royal Viking Line (1980)

Bob & Carolyn Calmes

Paul Bernharson

Ellizabeth Christian

Cyntia Biedlecomb

David Christian

Janet K. Grant

Jerry & Gail Monson

Hal & Gail Lombard

Michael Gorman

Sigfried & Arlene Michaelis

Alice L. Anderson

Dick & Linda House

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