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Kusadasi : Modern resort town. Large hotels line the waterfront. Lively shops selling carpets, leather, copperware and souvenirs. Very short distance to Ephesus Ruins.

Didyma : Temple of Apollo in Didyma is one of the largest temples of Ancient World.

Iasos : A nice small village. The ruins are dated from the 6th century B.C. The ancient Fish Market, Agora, Buleuterion are in very good condition.

Torba :

Gumusluk : Ancient Myndos. Today’s best preserved small fishermen village in the Bodrum Peninsula. Best fish restaurants in the region.

Bodrum : Bodrum, known in ancient times as Halicarnasus was the Birthplace of Herodutus and the site of the Tomb of King Mausolus (4th Century B.C.) one of the seven wonders of the ancient world. Her wife who also happens to be her sister had this tomb built after King Mausolos' death to make his name immortal. An impressive medieval castle built by the Knights of Rhodes guards the entrance to Bodrum. Castle of St. Peter or Bodrum Castle in the harbour is a fine example of 15th Century crusader architecture and has been converted into a Underwater Archeology Museum.

Kusadasi - Bodrum

Bodrum - Bodrum

Bodrum - Marmaris

Bodrum - Gocek

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