Modern Bride Magazine, a top bridal source for women in America, selected Turkey as one of the top 50 overall favorite honeymoon destinations in the world. Results from Modern Bride's fifth annual "World's Best Honeymoon Survey", which polled more than 3,000 travel agents, are announced in the publication's December 2001/January 2002 issue. In the survey, travel agents recommend destinations according to 12 different categories including most romantic, best nightlife, best beaches, best diving/snorkeling and more...

Modern Bride Magazine
December 2001/January 2002 issue-p.510

Ringed by the Black Sea, the Aegean and the Mediterranean, Turkey quite literally straddles Europe and Asia. The country's rich historical legacy blends the exotic opulence of the old Ottoman Empire with European comfort, and earned a whopping #4 for Best Leap into the past.

THE PLAN : A font of architectural treasures, the onetime Ottoman capital of Edirne boasts more than five beautiful mosques and a gorgeous medieval caravanserai, or trade station. A mere two-and-a-half-hours' drive away (or two days by camel), Istanbul (not Constantinople!) beguiles with its minarets, mosaics and domes. Stock up on carpets and copperware at the ancient Grand Bazaar, and sip sweet, strong Turkish coffee at a garden cafe. For an authentic Turkish experience, head to the 400-year-old Cagaloglu Baths, one of the best bargains in town. And don't miss the spectacular Topkapı Palace, home of the sultans-especially interesting is the guided tour of the harem. Then make your way down the coast Aegean resort town of Bodrum. Here, you can stay in a sun-baked hotel within view of the ocean and feast on mezeler, the Turkish answer to tapas. Want to keep exploring? Charter a yacht and cruise the Turkish coast, stopping in a number of ancient ports.

WHAT TO TRY : It may not be PC, but you might try smoking a hookah, a classic rite of Turkish hospitality. Every city has cafes designed for just this purpose, with a wide selection of tobaccos to choose from.

WHEN TO GO : Warm weather and loads of sunshine are the norm from April through October. If you travel in the winter months, bring along an umbrella as it can get rainy. S.O.S


Istanbul is a romantic, exotic metropolis of the first order, and an ideal ambassadorial gateway for a country balancing dramatic history and modern progress on the world stage. It is divided into two distinct realms, which need to be understood on their own terms before a full picture comes into focus. This itinerary of romance and history introduces both in separate phases, sandwiching an exciting trip to the modern port city of Kusadasi and its surrounding ancient ruins for some perspective on Turkey's past and present. It is also an itinerary of true luxury, visiting three of the best hotels in the country, with guides, friends, well-deserved pampering, and excellent food along the way.

Four Seasons TurkeyAfter a comfortable flight you'll arrive in the modern Istanbul airport, and will be welcomed by a friendly transfer to your hotel. Savor a romantic dinner in your hotel. During your next two days you will explore the mosques, ruins, wonderful markets of the old city and a cruise on the bosphorus. Your first days in the city will acquaint you with local customs, values, and food, and you will hear wonderful stories of things to come.

Your next stop will be the port city of Kusadasi on the Agean, accessible by a short flight. You'll once again be welcomed by private transfer and conveyed to your hotel in Kusadasi, affording amazing views of the sea, city and countryside. Your personal guide will work with you to solidify a completely customized regimen of activities in and outside of the city such as a full-day private tour of the amazing Roman ruins of the countryside, including such famous sites as Ephesus, House of Virgin Mary, Basilica of St. John...

Finally, you will return to Istanbul, this time visiting Beyoglu, the modern quarter of the city, with its European embassies and postmodern skyscrapers. Relax with the beautiful people by day and sleek bars and nightclubs by night. Here, you'll have the chance to see dance and theater performances, as well as to shop for anything your heart desires. You can also take a ferry to another continent - the Asian side, with its boutique shops, tree-lined streets and the summer palace of the Sultan.

Athens option: This itinerary can also be usefully prefaced by a stay in Athens, a more European introduction to the Aegean. In such a scenario, we recommend two or three nights in Athens. Here, you would enjoy olives and ouzo on the dining terrace, visit museums and ruins to learn about the cultures of Greece and the Roman Empire, and have a night at a fine restaurant and the opera, before flying to Istanbul for the start of the above itinerary.

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